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Knowledge based company active in the field of oil and gas and petrochemicals

We are proud that Amirkabir Petro Processors Company is one of the knowledge-based companies active in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemicals with more than a decade of experience. This company is on the list of vendors of various companies such as Iran's National Oil Products Distribution Company, Tabriz Petrochemical, etc.

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It is active in the field of precision instruments such as supply, commissioning, repairs, localization and consulting and training. The company has several knowledge-based products in its fields of work and has four different departments

  • Instrument Department
  • Department of Interior Design and Construction
  • Department of Mechanics
  • Commercial Department
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National Iranian Petroleum Products Distribution Company

The Iranian National Oil Company has been in charge of organizing and policing the activities of the oil industry since 1330, including Exploration, drilling, production, research, etc The development and export of oil and gas has been one of the largest in this company with huge reserves of hydrocarbons It is the world's oil companies. With the advancement of oil industry knowledge and technology and economic and political occasions becoming more complicated, The position of National Iranian Oil Company has also been upgraded.

Petrochemical Parsian sepehar

Petrochemical Shazand

Iran Oil Pipeline and Transmission Company


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